Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Randomness about the Site

Okay, you guys! I'd love some feed back on my site if you don't mind. What would you like to see more of? What would you definitely like to see less of?

What do you like? What do you dislike?

Any feedback would be appreciated!


I'm going to try to stick to a new schedule as much as possible, see the following:

Mondays - Reviews

Tuesdays - Other people's contest links

Wednesdays - NEW FEATURE (to be announced soon, but until it is announced, Wednesdays will remain blank)

Thursdays - Reviews

Fridays - If I'm hosting a contest, or starting a contest, the information will be here (or if there are chances for extra entries, they'll probably be there too)

If I'm online on the weekends, they'll probably just be randomness from my life or contest links that I found and forgot to post :]

So what do you think? Please be truthful!

And I'm still looking for help for the drop down arrow thingy, if any one knows how to do it!

(This is supposed to be posted at 11:30 AM if it works. lol)


Chelsea said...

YESSS! Do this! I like your schedule. :)

Alea said...

It looks like it was posted at 11:30 am.

I think your schedule looks good, not too light on the reviews but also able to include other interesting things.

I think a schedule is a good idea if only to keep you blogging! I was hoping to do something similar as well, right now I've got Tuesday Thingers meme's on Tuesdays and Booking Through Thursday meme's on Thursday and about 2 reviews a week. The meme's are fast and easy to do and add new content to the site, plus they are fun!

I'm hoping to work my way up to more!

Good luck!

Keladry said...

Heyy, cool page! :) If u have time, plz check out my pg at Thanks. Also, maybe for Wednesday u should write about a contest someon else is having. Just a thought.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh, I like this idea! I think having some kind of schedule is nice. I should work on that just because it's keeps you blogging and people can have some idea of what to expect! :)


softindierocker said...

I reckon you're schedule sounds awesome, but I feel sort of bad that you have to do all that work! So I reckon you should have veto power for busy/lazy days. Or as my chem teacher said 'mental health days'!