Saturday, April 12, 2008

Review: The Road to Vengeance (The Strongbow Saga)

The Strongbow Saga, Book 3: The Road to Vengeance
Judson Roberts

Truly a gift from the gods above, Halfdan Hroriksson does not question his good fortune or luck when it comes to his life. Just a year or so ago, Halfdan had a bleak outlook on his life as a slave in his father’s house. But now, he is on the road to vengeance. Halfdan has sworn an oath to the gods that protect and empower that he will avenge his brother Harald’s death, caused by the hands of their half-brother, Toke.

We find Halfdan in the foreign country the Franks have inhabited, along with much of the Danish forces. Finally rid of their captives, the Danish army seeks to fight and take control from the Frankish army. They ride out and the two armies clash for one of the most pivotal instances at the time, and Halfdan truly earns his bestowed title of Strongbow. Halfdan does not forget his sworn oath to avenge his brother, however. He is truly a man of honor.

Judson Roberts has done an amazing job continuing this series. His knowledge of Viking history shows greatly in his writing, bringing to us the story of a rising hero. This book does justice to the rest of the series, and leaves the readers wanting the next installment in the Strongbow Saga.