Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Review: Bloom

Elizabeth Scott

Lauren has everything a girl could ask for – good friends, decent grades, and a boyfriend that most girls want. She knows how lucky she is. She does not expect a big miracle to happen and make things perfect. And she definitely did not expect Evan Kirkland to appear after all these years.

Her mom left their family when Lauren was six years old. After that, Lauren’s dad had new girlfriends all the time, including Mary, Evan’s mother. So, when Evan reappears at her school, it brings back not only old emotions and memories, but new emotions, too. She cannot deny that she is attracted to him, but she sure tries. After all, she has a good life – she has some friends (who either do not open up to her or accept her only because of her boyfriend), good grades (including that C in Geometry and not to mention failing World History), and the perfect boyfriend who loves her (because she respects his faith and his limits) – doesn’t she?

Elizabeth Scott presents this story of teen love in Bloom as perfectly as if she went through the story along with her characters (and she brought me along, too!) I absolutely love, love, LOVED the characters and their own little unique traits. Her writing brings this story to the reader that is as unforgettable as our own. I have high expectations for her novel Perfect You.


Reviewer X said...

I'm at this point in my life where all I want to do is read one of these ES books. Waiting for the next trip to the bookshop... :)