Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Review: The Au Pairs, Skinny Dipping

The Au Pairs: Skinny Dipping

Melissa de la Cruz

The trio is back, and better than ever! Or… is it? This summer, only Jacqui and Mara are working as au pairs for the Perry family in the Hamptons. Eliza and her family are renting a place in the Hamptons themselves, and since their family financial status is steadier, Eliza decides she will work on improving her social status. She takes a job at Seventh Circle, where only the coolest of the cool can get in.

The trio turns into a sad duo until Jacqui and Mara meet the very French, very cute Philippe. Jacqui is instantly attracted to him, but she has sworn off boys with hopes of studying for her SATs and improving her chances of getting into New York University.

Mara, however, is trying to get back her ex boyfriend Ryan Perry until she sees him with another girl. Trying to make him jealous, she goes out with Garrett Reynolds and becomes the It Girl of the Hamptons. What she doesn’t know, though, is Eliza and Ryan now have a history, too.

Cute, funny, and interesting, The Au Pairs: Skinny Dipping is sure to catch the eye of teens everywhere! Not used to more girly novels, I had read Melissa de la Cruz’s series Blue Bloods, but this book definitely caught my attention with the quirky characters and the forever-coming drama.


Melissa Walker said...

Melissa de la Cruz is a really fun writer!