Saturday, April 26, 2008

Review: Perfect You

Perfect You

Elizabeth Scott

Kate’s life is far from perfect. After losing seventy pounds, her best friend in the whole wide world “dumps” her to join the popular crowd. Not only did her dad quit his job, but he is now selling horrible infomercial vitamins at a tiny booth in the mall (and expects her to help out!) Her older brother got a college degree and is living at the house again. And then, there is Will.

Kate has secretly liked Will since (well… since forever). But, once he humiliates her in their first year of high school, she vows to never again show how she feels. So, when Will starts trying to talk to her again, she just snubs him. However, she has a harder time controlling her emotions when he kisses her behind the mall. She really likes him, but will she just become another statistic?

There is just one word I could use to sum it all up: wow. Elizabeth Scott amazes me again with her interesting characters and her wonderful plot. Kate’s story is something all teens can relate to: trying to find happiness when all we feel is unhappy. Kate certainly found her happiness, though it took the help of a few characters to shove her in the right direction. It amused me that Kate could not see that Will actually liked her, and I thought that it gave a cute twist to Scott’s novel.


Reviewer X said...

Heyyy! I'd love to do a link exchange like you said on my blog :)

Oh, and I want to read this book very, very badly. Lol. :)


Reviewer X said...

Okay, you're also added! Welcome to my blog roll :D

Ahh yeah I'm dying to get it. So broke, though :(

Hope. said...

This book was wonderful! I didn't want it to end! If you haven't read Stealing Heaven, which comes out in May, I do believe, you should. It is truly wonderful, also.


Em said...

I really liked this book too. Bloom is also great if you haven't read it. :)