Thursday, May 15, 2008

Review: Audrey, Wait!

Audrey, Wait!

Robin Benway

You always hear the story of the rising star to fame, but you never hear the story of the person whose life is turned upside down because of a song written about them. That’s Audrey’s story, and it is coming to you faster than the Do Gooder’s song Audrey, Wait! hits the top of the charts.

Audrey always wanted her boyfriend Evan to write a song about her, but she never expected it to be like this. Upset when Audrey breaks up with him, Evan writes a scathing break up song featuring Audrey. Now, everywhere Audrey goes, everyone knows her. And not only that, she is hounded daily by newspapers, IMs, text messages, and phone calls. All she wants is to hang out with her friends and maybe get a date with her cute co-worker James. But this song comes between them all.

Audrey, Wait! is such an interesting read! Robin Benway definitely has my admiration writing about a girl that not only has great taste in music, but she isn’t afraid to do what needs to be done. I loved that she had a line from a song to go along with each chapter. I immediately wanted to go home and download each and every one. In the end, though, Audrey, Wait! is a wonderful novel.


Melissa Walker said...

can't wait to read this one!

btw, i made a vertical countdown clock so it'll work for you now--check back at teen fiction cafe. :)

Abby O. said...
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Em said...

I loved this book! Audrey was such a cool character to read about.