Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Contest: My very first one!

You should feel sooooo special cause this is the second time I post today!

And guess what?

It's a contest!

But not just any contest!

One hosted by me!

YAY! *everyone jumps for joy*

The book?

Frenemies by Alexa Young

Want it? Need it? Of course you do!

To enter:

Leave a comment here about your favorite YA book.

Want more entries?

Spread the word!

Mention the contest, and link me to it, and I'll give you two YES I SAID TWO! extra entries.

The contest ends on May 13, which is the release day of Frenemies.

Go on. Tell me how much you love me :]

(Oh, and please leave your email address with your comment so I can get in touch with you, lucky winner!)


stargirlreads said...

my favorite young adult book would have to be Pretty Little Liars. It's just incredible in so many ways. They are the girls you just love to hate!

BooksandLove said...

Oohh....sign me up. I put a link on my blog under the contest section...

BooksandLove said...

oh...I forgot to say my current favorite YA book is Twilight...I know..I know...can't help it.

Liviania said...

My favorite YA book is Beka Cooper: Terrier by Tamora Pierce. She's one of my favorite authors, and the book is simply incredible.

I'll blog about it here:

Rachel said...

Weee, sign me up =] <-- My e-mail...anddddd <-- Thats my blog =]

Liviania said...

Oh yeah, my e-mail is inbedwithbooks AT yahoo DOT com.

Susan said...

I came over here from Page Flipper, and am so glad to find another book blog. It's so nice to discover new ones.

I have a lot of favorite YA books. There's no way I could choose one. Right now, I'm reading The House of Scorpion by Nancy Farmer. It's not exactly warm and fuzzy, but it's interesting.

Please enter me in the contest - thanks!

Anonymous said...

my favorite is......the twilight series i suppose. good books.

i love you deary :) mwah

Keri Maines

Anonymous said...

I have a few faves. :( I know, I know. Just can't help it! I love the Twilight Saga, The Princess Diaries and The Luxe. All awesome books and on my keeper shelf!!

Sarahbear9789 said...

My Favorite book is Looking for Alaska. I love the characters and the plot. It is just so amazing.
Peace out, Sarah.

Bunny B said...

Oh, yes! Yes! I love you for hosting this contest. And I'll love you even more if I win :)

My fave YA would be The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale.

bunnybox9 [at] gmail dot com

Bunny B said...

Megan, I so wanna win this, so HERE'S my blog post for my 2nd entry :P
Thanks dear!

bunnybox9 [at] gmail dot com

ChristyJan said...

I also came over from THE PAGE FLIPPER. My favorite YA book(s) would be all 3 of the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyers ~ TWILIGHT, NEW MOON & ECLIPSE. And...I've already pre-ordered BREAKING DAWN.
I'd love to be entered to win a copy of FRENEMIES!

Anonymous said...

Oooh count me in! my fave book is Ella Enchanted. Ella is just such a strong female and the adventures she goes through are fun and it's not bad that it has a little sweet romance.

Katrina said...

I love the book Twilight it has to be one of my all time favorites, I also love all of Sarah Dessen's books.
My email is :)

Sara Seay said...

I love Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, but I also love the "Pretty Little Liars" series by Sara Shepard.

Tempestt said...

I love the Gossip Girl books. I blogged about your contest here:

softindierocker said...

Ooh, that's really hard! Um, if I had to pick one it'd be Rebel Angels by Libba Bray! Thanks for the contest! I also blogged about it here: